Lucy Ann McWorter born September 22, 1825, Pulaski co., KY was the last child born to Frank and Lucy. She married Ansel Vond ( born cir1820) on April 1, 1858, in Pike co., IL, . Lucy died April 17, 1902, and is buried in the McWorter family cemetery, Pike co, IL where two of her children are buried, Mary and Luebet. Ansel Vond died in Oklahoma and is buried in Sapula with his daughter Lucy Vond Thomas.


Mary b. 1859, d. 1875
Luebet b. 1864, d. 1875
The record of children born to the McWorter Vond union comes from several different sources, and as always when piecing together the family tree jigsaw  puzzle there are the missing pieces. The obituary for Lucy Ann states she is survived by a husband and five children, yet evidence found at the family cemetery indicates she survived two children. Great grand children of Lucy Vond Thomas find records for five children: FAMILY  RECORD
Mary b. 1859
Lucy b. 1/10/1861 d. 7/2/1933
George b. 1863
Lucretia b. 1865
Francis N. b. 1868